Valid format for params.json

Is there a JSON schema for params.json that I could use to reorder my params file?

I built a little tool to re-organize the params file:
It also renames the fields fromAAD: {...}, AAE: {...} to something like your_param: {...}, another_param: {...}.

It worked for a couple of iterations, but then it stopped working. The generated JSON is valid, there are no duplicates. Are there any rules or documentation on how the params file should be formatted?

Hi Rico,

I built something similar to make it easier to organize the fields of 87 or so actions. Here’s a video of me reordering them in the plugin editor before I built my tool…

It wouldn’t be so bad if you didn’t have to “chase” the %@#! thing after each click. :weary:

Anyway, I personally would never modify the internally-generated ids. I mean, who knows how they’re being referenced by the plugin editor code. Plus, it’s certainly conceivable they could be re-assigned / regenerated after certain actions within the editor.

Probably not much help, but I understand where you’re coming from.