Validate data in csv

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hi guys currently I’m working on a functionality bulk uploading while uploading a csv file it has to validate and need to show validation in bubble user id or email already exist and should not get uploaded

is that possible


In order to achieve this I would set up two different data types. For the purposes of this example lets assume you are trying to upload user data.

  • Set up a data type called “import user.” This data type should have all of the same fields as your user data type.
  • Set up a backend workflow “database trigger event” with the type of thing set to “import user” and the condition saying “only when import user before change is empty and import user now is not empty.”
  • This backend workflow should “create an account for someone else” and set all of the fields of the user data type to be equal to the import fields - make sure to check the box “return the user if the account already exists” - this is the key to your functionality. If the user already exists in the database, they will not be signed up again, and instead, a reference to that step will just return the value of the existing user.
  • Run the bulk import on the “import user” data type.
  • This will cause every new import user record to run this backend workflow and create the associated “real” user records - the checkbox to return the user if the account already exists will make sure that any records on the CSV that already exist in the user database do not get created twice.

I hope this helps!

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