Value from repeating group inside repeating group - How to share values

Hello all bubble lovers!

I’ve been trying to figure out something for a few days, and no ideas have come to my mind.
So, I need a smart person to help me to crack this puzzle.

I have a booking system where people can rent his house’s rooms ( there are houses with 3, 2, 5, etc… rooms ), as you can see in the picture below, all booking events are displayed on the calendar with the number of rooms booked for that specific range of dates.

ID 1 - From 25 - 29 September - 2 Rooms ( made by one book - like a single person booked 2 rooms )
ID 2 - From 11 - 13 October - 2 Rooms ( single book )
ID 3 - From 12 - 14 October - 2 Rooms ( single Book)

This means that this hoster has 3 books with 2 rooms linked each.

My point here is that I want to give the information of the maximum number of rooms reserved by a specific date.

Example 1: The user selected from 27 September - 5 October: I must return 2 rooms already booked

Example 2: The user selected from 10 October - 20 October: Must return 4 rooms already booked because the booking dates from ID 2 and ID 3 overlap on two days ( 12 and 13 ).

Example 3: The user selected from 26 September to 20 October: Must return 4 again, because on the range selected, only two bookings from 3 overlaps ( again the 12 and 13 ).

The intention is that give the final user the availability of the hoster to receive the total booked rooms selected by the customer. If the example above the hoster has 5 rooms in total, wouldn’t be possible to book 2 rooms from 10 October - 20 October for example.

I could get this information using a repeating group inside the other repeating group, but unfortunately, it is not possible to change any state from an input or whatever you use from a repeating group inside another repeating group.

I’m trying to use the advanced filter with the group by, but I cant figure it out.

Any answer to help me to crack this puzzle would be great!! Have a good night everyone

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