Variable URL for Bubble API Connector

The Bubble API Connector allows you to add variables in parameters in the API Url, I have a need to make the base domain path a variable because every customer in our application will have a unique domain (this is Woo commerce) and a common path to the RESTful API: - full API url to reach categories in WooCommerce

I need to make a variable that is populated during User configuration of our solution.

Is that doable? I know with brackets you can add parameter values in an API Workflow. But the root domain is not a parameter, or it it from a Bubble API Connector perspective?

API Workflows are always looking for parameters… can the base url be a parameter?

Yes. @chris.e.daly The base url can be a ‘parameter’ that is dynamic too. We have to do that all the time when the base url is different for development and live. You got it. :raised_hands:

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But you cannot initialize the call and test it - only works through a API Workflow - just making sure I understand - this is the last big piece for our solution. Thanks @J805

In the parameter, you have to start with an example one for yourself to initialize it. Then change it in a workflow. :blush:

This shouldn’t be empty. Just drop an example base url here to initialize it.

Hope that helps! :blush:


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Sweet… thanks much! I knew I was missing something

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Happy to help. :blush: