Variables / States in Backend Workflow

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Is there a way to save variables, states or any info in Backend Workflows?
Do a Search for… and use this result all over my workflow…?

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If you have the Ultimate Toolkit plugin, that is free, you can use the action “Cache value (Server)” to save your variables.

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Great, Let’s Try !!! Tks !

Hey @augusto1
Would you explain what you want to do and why you want to save them ?
In fact, variables or states are useful only on frontend but we can use also variables on server side (backend). All depends what you want to achieve.

Also check out the List Popper And Friends Plugin

List Popper and Friends (SSAs) Plugin | Bubble

Amongst other things it gives you custom states (for both single items and lists) to use in backend workflows, which is super useful for all kinds of reasons…


Hey Adam!

This is awesome! Have you used this yourself? Is it reliable?

I see 800+ downloads so I gather that the answer is yes… :sweat_smile:

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@cmarchan Yes I use this plugin quite a lot - never had any issues with it so it seems reliable to me.

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