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Variables that aren't tables exist?

I want to keep these two variables on some sort of database on the server:

  1. number of tickets I want to handle.
  2. number of tickets I took care of already.

I don’t need to keep anything other than the most recent values for these variables.
It seem wasteful and disorganized to create a table in the DB to keep these values.
Are there other options? what’s the best practice?

If you want information to be available (other than on a session by session basis ) you’ve got to save it in your database.

Having a table with those two variables isn’t wasteful - you can have just one thing in the table. Use the :first item operator when modifying or calling on the data.

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Yup, what @equibodyapp said. Or, if you really don’t want to create a new data type, add two fields to the User data type and modify those fields via the current user (I assume you are going to be the current user given that you said tickets I want to handle and tickets I already took care of).

Thanks guys. I’ll keep a table with one thing. It’s a different thinking than I’m used to but I think it’ll be easy to work with.

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