Vector object in Bubbl?

How to create a vector object in Bubble?
How to export a vector object to a bubble?

Bubble has “list” that is similar to a vector.
You can check the documentation here for the operations that you can do on lists.
In general you create lists when you operate on the database if you set it up to have lists, and some operations will return a list (for example “split by”). Additionally there are many plugins that will generate a list for you.

It’s not clear what you want to accomplish, If you can be more specific it’s easier to help.

Probably I didn’t ask the right question. I have to use auto-translate. The gist of my question:
“Is it possible to create a graphic (vector) object in a bubble, as it is done in CorelDraw”?

It’s still very general as a concept.
What format do you need? (svg, cad ecc)
Do you need to display an svg? You can ise an html element.
If you need to create a vector image dynamically with the user modifying directly the image, it is possible in javascript so it is possible in bubble as well.
You will need some code for that. Have a look at the existing plugins to see if there is already something for your use case.

I understand the javascript, thanks.
If we are talking about export, then these are the formats:

Check if you can find a plugin for that, otherwise you will need to code a custom plugin.
If you need a library to create the files you can have a look atMakerjs.
I used it in a non-bubble project and it is very nice to use. It has export functionality for dxf and svg files.

How can I export a simple picture that doesn’t have a background?
Let it be for example - *.dxf ?

That depends on how you created it and what do you mean by “exporting”

Created in CorelDraw.
I want to use it as an image-element.

Ok, I thought you wanted to create the image in bubble.

If you create an image in another software just export it with that software in a format supported by browsers (for example svg, jpg, png) and use it in an image element.

I want to work with him in the EDITOR.

I need a full constructor element.

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