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Vegetable farm app - help with data structure for plant variety categories


I’m building a vegetable farm app for managing grower data (planting harvesting etc…). I am the grower.

I cant solve a simple category need for the data types of the plant/seed type (species families, types etc…)

we buy plants and seeds. each has an unique named variety .

I tried to create a single data type, and to have a different field for every level in the structure. it didn’t work.
I tried to create a different data type for every level in the scheme (the scheme is shown below) (each data type has a field to the other datatypes), and it works, but it takes a few seconds to render the data even with low amount of records (things). what do I do wrong?

the data scheme i need:

vegetable family → vegetable group → plant type → plant specie → plant variety.

the only unique level is the “plant variety”.
a big issue is that some varieties don’t have a “plant specie” level. this issue caused me problems with filtering

I don’t want this category structure to be an option set because I need to be able to save this data and work with it and maybe export it.

hope you can help :innocent:

thanks :crazy_face: