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Venture-backed Startup hiring another Bubbler

Hi Bubblers

We are looking for another awesome Bubbler to join our Team at Procurified. We have just closed our $1.1m Seed Round, with huge ambitions to grow this and change the Construction Industry. Up for a challenge and want to be part of something hugely ambitious?

The role would be more focussed on the back-end, so experience in traditional software dev & relational DB management is super important. So if you are solely a Bubble Dev, this might not be the best fit.

We are Dubai-based (our HQ), so would be ideal to work with you in person, but can relocate here later. Fully remote forever wouldn’t be ideal.

All details are in the link with the way to apply: DocSend

Looking forward to meeting you!




I have 3+ year experience in and I am working on ERP system in so i can do anything in your project so if you need any help let me know .thank you for your reply :grinning:

Hi @rupert1,

I sent you a message. Thanks!

It’s great to see you got investment. I’d suggest to up the monthly salary from $4K to at least $6K for you to attract some talent. :slight_smile:

Unless you’re looking for a junior dev.

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Hi, I have been building apps on bubble for over 3 years now, have deliver 10 client apps. Will love to work together. But no background in code.

Hi All

Just an update, we have filled the position!