Verification Process


I am currently building an app to support doctors in this situation. I need the doctors to sign up and verify that they are actual doctors by uploading a document. They can only proceed to their dashboard if we have verified that they are doctors. How can I do this in

I bascially need the following flow:

  1. Once verification document has been uploaded I need to get a mail
  2. I need to mark the document as checked, to then send a mail to the user that he can now login to the dashboard

Any luck with this Sebastian? If not, I’m about to try it so I’ll keep you posted.

Also, what do you mean by “get a mail” in step one? An email notification?

A couple of privacy questions based on this before answering questions;

  1. How are you authenticating the documents?
  2. What services are you hoping to provide to the doctors?

We don’t want you to run into “legal” issues.

you’d need a KYC verification tool. I am looking for one too right now, I’ll keep you posted.
I need to validate each customer on my platform, before activating their account.