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Verifying customer thanks to Facebook/Google... accounts

Hi there!

I have two types of users (“providers” and “customers”) and obviously each one refers to a “user”. But I’d like to verify their profile by linking their accounts to their social network accounts.

I tried it with Facebook (test app) and I found that if the email address of the Fb account already exists in your database it doesn’t create another user (different from what I understood from previous forum discussions). I also created another user field in my “provider” table that I called “Facebook User” to check that email adresses are the same.

@georgeciobanu do you think it could work like that and do not create bugs when user tried to login later?

Thanks a lot.

Guys? Any idea how to verify users that are already logged/signed up through social networks account?

You can look at their ID maybe? this one is unique to the social network they’re logged in with.

Yes of course but my issue is not checking their Facebook account but being able to get their Facebook profile with their permission once they have already signed up/logged in to my app with a classic email/password form.

I’m afraid that if I trigger the workflow “login/sign up with a social network” (which is the only one allowing us to get Facebook/Google profile infos I think) when the user is already signed up it will create a complete mess.

I have two types of users (Providers/Customers who have a user linked to them and vice-versa) and I tried to create new fields basically called “google_user” / “facebook_user” in order to assign multiple users to my Providers.

@emmanuel the issue is that sometimes it seems to work because I am able to get social profile infos but in the field “Facebook_user” I have the same user that the one I have previously created with email/password. Sometimes it logs the user out and creates a new user. Do you see any solution to link social profiles to already existing users ?

Thank you.

@nicolaschanton not sure my expectation is the same than your but I think it’s here the good thread for this.

I would also like a user can link its Facebook or Google account to an already created account (with email/pwd for instance).

####Here a simple use case I’d implement :
1/ the user signs up with [email protected] + Password
2/ on its profile page, he can link its account with its Facebook account (or revoke it)

Important :

  • User’s email would not be overwritten by its Facebook’s email if it is a different one.
  • The user could connect later on, either with its email/pwd, either with its Facebook account.

If i’m right, this is not possible right now ?

####Second use case :
1/ the user has already created an account with its email / password
2/ some weeks later on, the user is logged off and try to logged in with its Facebook account (yes that can happen !) and its Facebook’s email is the same.

Ideally, the Facebook account is automatically linked to its account (if its email has been confirmed before for security purpose).

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+1 - I also have this use case (want users to be able to verify themselves with facebook and linkedin). This seems to be a common way to generate trust on marketplaces. But the current implementation will result in a new user being created if the email address of the user does not match the email from facebook/linkedin.

It would be great to have the plugin modified to support this use case (specify when not to create a new user but just add information to existing user).

If the user is already logged in, the information is added to the current user.

This is documented here.