Verifying User thats not logged in Using new confirmation system help

Hello, I am using the new confirmation system that was made into bubble, and it works in verifying the user, however, I am having trouble getting it to verify the user when the user is not logged in (in this case it is not working).

I need to be able to search for the user who the confirmation ID belongs to, to verify them, but not sure how to go about doing this which is causing my problem.

Here is the current workflow I have for updating the user’s verified status to ‘yes’, this works when the current user is logged in therefore I can user ‘current user’ in things to change.

However, then I run into the error of not verifying the user if they are not logged in. I’ve tried to do a search for user , but I get stuck when trying to do this.

I have this set up for when trying to make a change to user but nothing happens:

Here is also the datasets I am using:

And they get set to the token value when user creates account:

Any idea what to do here? Thank you :slight_smile:

Anyone have any idea?

still stuck on this, i think if i can do some method of doing a search for and matching the email that created that verification with the ending url token to the email of the account, and verifying that account it should work… but I thought i had that set up, and have tried many more things via trial and error and this same problems.

appreciate any help thanks

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