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Version 15 Update broke custom datatypes

Recently I have received a report from one of my clients that after updating their bubble application to v15 their datatype completely broke.

I was given an edit link to their application to find out 900 new custom datatypes were created and those created before the update were renamed as shown before in the screenshots:

This is the first time in the 4 years I have been using bubble to face such an interesting issue, any explaining or discussion regarding this matter will be much appreciated

We are having the same issue on one of our apps and that app was not even upgraded. Really scary. Can not use the editor. Filed a bug report earlier today.

Very sorry you’re having this issue! Can you file a bug report for this case? We’ll need to look at your application, and then the success team will be able to assist you.



All my save and development history disappeared

As Mr Emmanuel has stated in this thread, its best that you submit a bug report, therefore they will be able to look into your application and fix it if possible.

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