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Version Detection Would Be Great

I would love to have the ability to detect the users browser and platform and display, run actions etc. based on that information.

Not sure if this is possible but would be great.


I’m curious as to why/what you would do with it?

Browser agents can be spoofed or be empty, and there are so many variants.

To run actions against users that are Android users vs. Apple for example, and feature an element such as an Android App Store logo vs. Apple Store logo to download the app.

Among other marketing triggers and such.

You could still do that with some cleverly scripted JS on HTML elements.

Here, see this:


Would be good to also be able to run different workflows based on the device type, desktop vs. mobile etc. for better UX.

Ah, so you want to take us back to “Browser hell”, all that extra code and markup to cater for the different types of browsers…:wink:

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You might be able to load this in through a call and then parse out the info you need:

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I was thinking more of a conditional statement. If browser is a mobile device do X or if desktop do Y. Very granular, but this can make a massive difference to a bottom line.

I guess there already is mobile vs. desktop detection, as there is a selection for a mobile version at the page level.

I wish this applied also to workflows and elements. It would be very good for power users.