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Version (Live) Process in real time?

Helo! I hope you are all right. Could you help me? I think it will be simple for you to answer it.
The question is: Does the live version process everything in real time?

Read the rest to understand the context. haha

I’m creating an application to register employees’ entry and exit times. I would like when it is 00:01, the application will check if any time of the employee has been registered the day before. If a time has not been registered, the application must create a new data with the previous date with empty time fields. What I created didn’t work as I believe the development version doesn’t process in real time.
Finally the question: Does the live version process everything in real time?
When it’s 00:01 will it (live version) do the verification I need and create the data?

You would run this as a back end workflow. The concept of real time is not really relevant with what you are trying to do, as at 00:05, if someone wasn’t working before 00:01, nothing will have changed. Bubble will queue a workflow, and run it as soon as possible depending on available resources at the time, but be aware that they are asynchronous, so ensure a workflow has completed before relying on its data.

Thanks for answering. Yet I am still confused.
I`ve managed to make it work. I created a workflow with the following condition.
Do when Current date/time:formatted as 18:35:converted to number ≤ Arbitrary date/time:formatted as 00:02:converted to number
This way the workflow will run when a new day starts. The problem is that on my tests it only runs when I click on preview and the page is loaded.
Even if I let the page opened it doesnt execute the workflow.
I need to make it run even if a user doesnt access the page. I thought that deploying a live version would solve this problem.

You need to have a paid plan to access backend workflows now I believe.

OK! Thanks!

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