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Vertex Modificaitons | CAD/MDT System | ALPR, LiveMap, & More!

Vertex Modifications

Welcome! We are so happy you have discovered our page, Our newly developed CAD/MDT System has a modern and tactile feel, along with custom sound effects and visual effects it is aimed to be as realistic as possible while still being user-friendly.

Our Website
Our Documentation

Why choose us?

  1. Vertex Modifications is a fully hosted solution, making it extremely easy for you to get up and running quickly.
  2. Our Systems are integrated with Steam, making logging in easier than ever, this also allows for seamless in-game integration support.
  3. Our CAD/MDT was created for roleplayers by roleplayers, we know what features you guys like, so we’ve added them!

What do we offer?

  • Many optional extra features such as realtime in-game integration, ALPR Integration, Themes, and Live Map Support.
  • We are constantly looking to improve our systems and push out new updates every week with suggestions and feedback from you guys!
  • Hell, why would we want you to read this, when we can just show you!

Try out the demo right now!

If you want to test out the CAD for yourself, check out this demo!

Bump! Check out our In-Game UI & Live Map Feature!

Screenshot (274)

Proud to announce we’ve had 100% uptime since launch! Don’t believe us? Check out our Status Page, we’ve also just pushed out our latest update for our CAD/MDT System. :+1:

Hey, I would like to buy this CAD/MDT how can I do that?

It doesn’t seem like they are in operation anymore. If you need a CAD/MDT you can join Fusion’s Discord we may be able to assist you.