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Vertical repeating group: how to get the cell currently visible on the screen

Hi there,

I would like to have a similar header like here:

So I need to be able to get the current element in the Repeating Group which is currently shown on the screen. Once I have it, I will be able to highlight an appropriate item in the header.

I spent some time searching for a solution but nothing promising so far… Any thoughts on how it could be achieved?

Yo can Either use one of the menu plugins or a stack of Groups which hide/unhid according to which tab you click on.

If using a Menu plugin, use an option set for the Menu Tabs, then your hidden groups can be shown only when Menus Option is selected.

With the hidden groups, create your Tabs and tab groups, all hidden, then when the desserts tab is clicked, show Desserts Group and hide al of the others. you will have to setup each manually.

Thank you!

Actually, there are no tabs on the page. It’s a simple flat vertical list with the restaurant menu categories.

In the header, these category names are listed horizontally. When you scroll the page, once you enter in a category, its name gets highlighted in the header.

So I would like to have an event that will be triggered on scroll (not on the click) when another menu category (aka another cell in the Repeating Group) appears on the screen.

The Scrollspy plugin solved my issue

Plugin page: