Vertical Scroll Scrollbar

Is there a reason why the scrollbar in the vertical scroll RG is always showing even when there’s no data?

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This shouldn’t happen normally. Maybe there is something wrong with responsive styling (and an element is stretched) or so.

What do you mean by stretched?

@jamesbond are you on a Windows machine?

I actually had the same question.

This only happens in Windows systems. Doing a quick google search should give you some JS to reduce the scrollbar height to 0.

Yes. I realised this only happens on a windows machine, however, I still believe that there’s a way to make it behave naturally in windows because when you look at other websites (on windows) with a similar structure to Bubble’s vertical scroll RG, the scrollbar behaves naturally.

Would this permanently reduce the height of the scrollbar even when the RG is in fact scrollable? If so, then I don’t want to do that as I can just use custom css for that. Ideally, I would like the scrollbar to behave naturally - only show when the RG is scrollable.

Hi All,

Sorry to bring up an old topic but was there a solution for this issue? i.e the scrollbar should only show when it’s needed?