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Vertical scrolling in a floating group?

How could someone create something like this in Bubble:

A floating group with a scroll view. For like example sidebar… So it will fit on all screens etc.

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Thanks @anon65040322 this is exactly what I needed :smiley:

Only for some reason when you put a ‘data source’ it won’t work…


seems to work fine for me.

Hmm it didn’t scroll anymore because there was a repeating group in the side bar too with horizontal scrolling text… Without it works

try add
overflow-x: scroll;

Same, doesn’t work Update: It works now!



Could it be it doesn’t work with multiple groups in the floating group?

Found why it didn’t work.

There are groups within the #inner if they change (hide or show) the group freeze and the floating group isn’t scrollable anymore. When I can this action again it’s working again:

Do you think there is a better way? Then calling the action every time…

i havent really experimented with it much, i will test it out.

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Youre right, need to run csstools every time. It needs to be the first action in the event to work again after page is resized. I couldnt manage to style the scrollbar, color, width etc.

when I added the collapse group it wouldnt reach bottom of page when resized, so i put a separate float group set to both behind it.


Nice! Only for me it doesn’t work… Probably because of the hide element when X conditions

this works for me

what are you hiding and showing & what condition?

i just tried setting states it didnt work unless i set a condition for when state was true/false to do the 100% resize thing.

Its a bit hacky but should be able to achieve what you want.

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Thanks will try it :slight_smile:

Thanks @anon65040322! Any thoughts on getting this to trigger when a page is resized? My FG is always visible (unless the width gets really small)…so not changing a state really, but if the page height shrinks after page load, the scrollbar won’t show. Trying to think of a good workflow trigger…

Answered my own question there, didn’t I. image

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