Vertical scrolling over an element doesn't work

Hey everyone,

I am using the plugin Slick Slideshow and the problem I have with this plugin is that it is not possible to scroll vertically on the phone when the screen is still and the slideshow is visible. So if you move your finger over the slideshow and want to scroll up or down, it doesn’t work (it’s only possible to scroll horizontally). This is a user experience issue in my opinion, can someone who knows about this help me?

I just tried to put the slideshow in a group, but that doesn’t work either ;(

Ok I have a workaround for this without any hack but limiting horizontal swiping a little bit :slight_smile:

Simply, the idea is putting a group in front of the carousel that people can swipe up and down. Right/left of this group will still make swipe left/right of the carousel available, but the center won’t swipe left/right.

Here is how the regular carousel and the solution-applied carousel works.
carousel swipe

Here are the technical details
You can put the slick slideshow inside a group A. Group A will have align to parent layout. Then, the carousel will fit inside the whole group A. Then, you will add another group that will block some part of the carousel. Simply this leaves the clickable areas of the carousel still available.

Here is how the outer group (group A) looks like:

Here is how the carousel looks like:

Here is how the group in front of the carousel (group B) looks like. I have set it 50% for example just to block half of the carousel.

Normally, the group B is transparent. If I give it a color, it looks like this. The red color is the horizontally blocked, but vertically available to swipe region:

I hope that helps.

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That’s a great alternative, thank you so much!