Vertical "scrolling" RG not showing on iOS

We have a vertical scrolling RG (max rows = 1 so it doesn’t stack).

Fine on desktop and android. Just won’t show on an iPhone.

Any pointers?

That depends on the default style (css) implemented in the browser, in this case safari.

So…what do I need to do to make it show?

I think there is nothing to do , but I don’t know safari well. If I were you I’d test that with safari’s developer tools.
Check the documentation to know more.

Hi @NigelG,

Some additional context would be helpful - e.g. screenshot of element hierarchy and RG appearance/layout settings.

Since mobile Safari is one of the browsers officially supported by Bubble, it should “just work”. If it doesn’t and the issue can be reliably reproduced, then an official bug report is warranted.

I’d be happy to try to reproduce it but would need a bit more info.