Vertical Sizing Issues With RG and Multiline Elements

Struggling to get these elements to fully expand vertically

I have two multiline elements laid out vertically in a Repeating Group row. And I have a button to the right of the first multiline element. The RG is set to not have a fixed number of rows with a minimum row height of 40px.

I have all three elements set for Row Parent Container type with vertical stretch for alignment. The two multiline elements are set for non-fixed height, and max height set for 100%.

What do I need to do to enable the multiline elements to stretch vertical enough to display the full contents in the element and also to not show vertical scrollbars?

Can you send a screenshot of your layout tab of your property editor of the multiline inputs?
Can you send a screenshot of your layout tab of property editor of your multiline inputs?
I think what is happening is that setting it to a max height of 100% is the issue and you need to change it to a max pixel height and then fit height to content ticked on. Another option is to set a min height of each of the multiline inputs


1st ML

2nd ML

The content in each ML will be variable length based on parameters selected.

figured it out. had to put the elements in a row group. and then change vertical alignment from stretch to center, and set maximum height to be 100%.

Nice. This stuff always takes a bit of trial and error

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