Very beginner question!

I have a group with a width input, the group scales according to the input’s width. I am trying to create a new Thing and set a default width but I don’t know how!??!

First thing I do is create a new Thing and then I make changes and add a default width of 2100. When I click the button I see that the DB has recorded the new window and width.

However, when I try and grab that data I see nothing, just empty?

windth 2

I have everything formatted as a number and here’s the DB - the width is saving (although it has a comar?) but I can’t get that information onto my page?

Hi there, @darren.james7518… if I understand your post correctly, the issue could be that you aren’t setting the parent group’s window after you create the new window. So, if you add a step to the workflow that displays the newly-created window’s data in the group, you should be good to go.


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Assuming there are no privacy rules blocking things, then the obvious assumption (to me at least) would be that there is no data in the parent group…

So check that first (there’s nothing I can see in your screenshot as to how you’re setting that data, but it might be obscured behind the property editor).

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Thank you guys, I will try your ideas later today. :slight_smile: