Very new - Comparing API data to existing info in database

Hi everyone!

I am new to bubble and am currently exploring its functionality. I searched the forums for the answers to my particular question but so far have not found one.

For the MVP I’m trying to build i need to display a list of data with information about concerts. I am using an API to get data, but since the API’s provider might not have some of the concerts that might be relevant to the user, I want to add a functionality for the admit to manually add concerts to my database. So the way i see it, i need a database that:
a) Gets inputs from “admin” user and adds the created “concert” thing to the database
b) Gets inputs from API and adds the concerts from the retrieved list
The first part is fairly straightforward, but the second part is where I’m struggling. I thought the workaround might be is to create a repeating list with inputs that would be filled out with dynamic data from the API that would then be manually added by the “admin” user. However, I’ve run into two issues:

  1. If i add a save button to add the received data to list of concerts, the whole list is saved as one entry (all the IDs, Concert names etc are just listed as one ID or one Concert name separated by a comma);
  2. If i want to only get the inputs for concerts that have not yet been added to the database (so get dynamic data based on the condition that the id of the concert =/= id of concerts in the existing list), I have not been able to find a way to that so far.

Is there any way to solve these issues in bubble to get a database which get its data both from user and inputs & API based on certain conditions? What would you guys recommend?

Thank you!

For issue #1, have a look at this post

For the second issue you could either add an Only when condition to the step that creates a record, so it only does so if some identifier doesn’t exist in the database; or filter your API search to only find records not in your database.

Louis, after some time i was able to solve the issue with your suggestion & link you provided.

Thank you so much!

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