Very slow site to load and/or make changes

I’ve been experiencing very slow load times and several errors lately. I don’t know if moving my site to live from development will help? I’m not finished yet (far from it) but sometimes it’s so slow I cannot get work done. I will change one aspect of an element and it will take several seconds to adjust. Currently, my site is stuck on “Saving” and has been like that for 45 minutes.

Do you have any suggestions?

Lani Hudgins

yup. look at Editor so slow it is almost unusable

I saw that thread but it just seemed like a lot of people griping with no resolution given my an admin.

When things get slow for me, I find that just exiting your browser and coming back in can speed things up. If that doesn’t cut it, a computer restart might help. I personally wouldn’t be waiting for more than a couple minutes of a “Saving” state.



I had the same problem on Mac, then most of the time killing Chrome, or shut down not from the menu … but the brutal way of keeping power button the computer :slight_smile: will fix it for a while, then when slow again …same process.

Since one month I use the editor on Safari, and I realize that’s much faster than chrome, and lot fewer issues like that …

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