Very strange bug with Recurring event

We are working on a task management feature. For each task, the user can adjust if the task should be recreated regularly (daily/weekly/monthly/yearly).

The logic is that if the period passes and the task is not finished, then the new task is recreated automatically (the due day shifted for the relevant period).

If the task is marked as “Done” before being overdue, then the new repeating one is created immediately.

On the backend, we cancel the recurring event for the finished task, create a new one with the same fields, and set the relevant recurring event for it.

Users generated many tasks during the last few months. And new tasks work okay. But older tasks have very strange behavior.

For example, there is a recurring task with “Weekly repeating”. I’ve marked it as “Done”.
What I expect: a new “Weekly” is created with a due date that equals the old due date +7days.
What happens in reality: the expected result is achieved but besides that 20 more new duplicates are created with a “Daily” recurring event (no idea how it was possible and why the task is affected by “Daily” regularity).

I know we have 5 recurring events per thing within our Bubble plan, but we never allow users to have more than 1 recurring event per thing. Is it possible to find out how many recurring events we have per certain thing? It’s not possible and not convenient to check this in Logs.

The funny thing is that this bug happens for a new task.

Based on logs, I create a new task, set “Weekly” recurring event for it and for some reason Bubble decides to run 20 “Daily” recurring events for that thing in a row.

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