VidDate is Live in Open Beta!

Super Nice Single Bubblers looking for a date, Get Onboard for Free!

Built entirely on Bubble
I’d appreciate any feedback …


You are going to have to focus on a specific location to gain traction. You’ll likely get zero real users from Bubble.

I’d get rid of the text that “Free to join thru end of March”. It’s going to have to be free much longer than that most likely.

Plus I’d add some other enticing text for the Header.

I’d get rid of the “last joined” notification until you actually have a flow of people joining. Seeing “8 days ago” or “2 days ago” isn’t going to help anything.

I repeat you’ll get zero users on here. You’ll get minimal feedback. You need real users in a concentrated area and they’ll give you real feedback.

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Thanks for the feedback @Nathan89