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Video app like tik tok


Im new to the Bubble and just starting to go through the lessons. Right now its hard to know if I can actually accomplish what I want on Bubble

Is Bubble actually able to build video apps like Tik Tok? Basically an app that makes video consumption and sharing extremely easy. Users would just have to swipe up for a new video or swipe right to see the video creator’s profile. That’s it!

If anyone has experience or can point me to the right tutorial that’d be much appreciated! Thx


Tik Tok is a native mobile app (ios andriod). Bubble is better suited for building web app and it may not be the best solution for what you are looking for. I would look into for building native apps.

Basic functionality can be built, but not as smooth as with a native app. See here [New Template] Mobile UI components library - #40 by d9999

Hey @johnlin212 :hugs:
Although this is not exactly what you require, I thought that this template, with couple of customisation, Clonegram - Images like Instagram | No-Code Template by Zeroqode could still be helpful in building your app. As was mentioned above, TikTok is a native mobile app thus, at Convert Your Existing Web App Into Native Android & iOS | Zeroqode you can easily convert it :wink:
Good Luck :hugs: Do not hesitate to contact us for further questions.

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Here’s an excellent guide -
There’s comprehensive information about tiktok like app development

Is it really possible to build an application like the TikTok app…?