Video background

You should upload the file if it’s your own at the page level. Can you share a link to the editor?its always better to do this when you ask for help.

Suggestions for places to host it? Sorry, new at this.


If you click on static file you can upload a file.

I tried that as well and it won’t play. Could it be that the file is too large? Other ideas? I will try again with an upload.

You tried in run mode right?

I just uploaded again and am looking at it in the preview window. Nothing–just a black background.

You’re pointing to the live version, isn’t it dev that you should look at?

Sorry yeah:

Well the file wasn’t uploaded. Are you sure

  1. it’s a legit file
  2. it’s a video
  3. it’s below 50mb

Can you try with one file there


Got it to go! It was a sizing issue with my vid export. Thanks so much @emmanuel!

I know this is an old post, but if anyone wants a good way to shrink their videos, this is what I do. I’m not sure if Vimeo allows you to do this with a free account, but I upload my video to vimeo, then in the video manager, I download the file after it has been processed through their compression. The video comes back considerably smaller, and unlike YouTube, the video is in HD. I have tried this on Youtube and I get back a smaller resolution.


Create an HTML element. Use this HTML:

Your browser does not support the video tag.

Then you simply place other elements over the HTML element.

@emmanuel… .first of all… congratulation for your Bubble…

I started developed my first app using it… my doubt about this topic is, please.

1st) I read everything above… and my problem of video was it was too big 18mb… I reduced it for 6mb and it is working fine in desktop/notebook

2nd) however, when I open this address in my cell phone … I have just a black screen…

any guess how to so solve it, please ?

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Hi there, are there any updates how to use local background videos for sections only? (not on page level)? Thanks in advance!

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