Video Element Wont Play Ziggeo Videos

Thanks @bane ! Do you work for bubble? Your profile is hidden.

I’m happy to continue through the ticket, but I didn’t receiced this response from your collegaues. I’ve only seen an email saying “engineers will get to my ticket soon”.

I posted here because I wasn’t sure if it was a bug or not. I saw someone posted the exact same issue a few years ago and there was no resolution.

Either way, I really appreciate your help! I’ll update this thread when we find the solution - so the next person can benefit (i’m guessing it’s user error with my setup :grimacing:).

  1. I think my app token was correctly addded. I copied the application token from ziggeo and pasted it to both “API token” and “API token - dev.” in the bubble ziggeo plugin.

  2. This was a good tip, I didn’t think of that. I double checked and the video is under the same app that I specified. I can see the 9 videos under the app that I’ve specified. So I think everything checks out here.

  1. Good tip about checking dev tool errors. You are right: It says "no application token defined". Didn’t I correctly define my applicaiton token in step 1 ?

The video input elemenet (ziggeo uploader) uploads videos to ziggeo based on the application token - and this works great. When I use the uplaoder I can see all the videos on ziggeos dashboard…so the application token is working. Right?

Any suggestions to solve this?