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Video Tutorial - Low Code AI - Transcription - with Bubble and AWS

Hey Josh,

Glad you liked the tutorial!

It would help to expand the CW error where it says [ERROR] BadRequestException: An error occurred …

That would have some more detailed error information in it. If you share that, I may be able to figure it out. I’m not sure atm.

(also, your transcription API endpoint is now public, so you may want to create a new one once you’ve got it sorted :grin:)

Really helpful, appreciate the support and speedy response!


Any ideas? :thinking:

Hm, might be a zone issue, as you said.
If you point your browser to url of the audio file you’re testing with, can you download it? (i.e., just paste the url of the file into your address bar, and see if it will load)

Hmm, I think so, do you mean this?

Also, one thing I did differently from you was to use the ‘OneLinePlayer’ ( OneLinePlayer Plugin | Bubble) instead of the one you suggested in the tutorial, as I need to upload video as well as audio, unsure if that would cause any issues, felt worth the share just in case.

I don’t think using OneLine should matter; seems like the problem is coming before that.

And it’s good that you can load the file in your browser; you’re pointing to a file that’s publicly accessible, so it shouldn’t be a permissions issue on the file/bucket.

You’ll have to forgive the next suggestion for being pretty simplistic, but the next thing I’d recommend is putting a print statement into your lambda function to confirm that the file_uri you are passing to AWS Transcribe is properly formed (just print(file_uri), somewhere before the call to transcribe).

Maybe a slash is missing or something? Or maybe the way your pulling the value out of your queryStringParameters is missing something…?

After adding that, re-run the API call, and check your CW logs again.

I’m thinking again now though that it’s a zone issue, as you initially thought.

Which zones have you tried, for your API/Lambda pairs? us-east-1 and us-west-1?

Saw your email, sorry will reply shortly, just testing the print statement.

I’ve tried the following zones:

  • us-east-1 (following the tutorial)
  • us-west-2 (Bubble told me this is their ‘main cluster’)

I’ve also written to confirm with bubble that ‘us-west-2’ is where my files are stored, based on where I’m located, as they didn’t explicitly state that