Video Upload Fails To Transcode through AWS via API call


I am using to allow users to upload a video into a Bubble app and have that video be created in via an API call “Create an Asset”.

API referece:

The issue is that whenever I test out uploading a video using any file uploader, the API fails, returning a status code 500. If I remove the “source” field, where I’d need to upload the video, the call is successful.

Apparently, when you try to upload a video to through the API, it needs to go through AWS first and if there is some issue with the video transcoding, it will fail.

I did not digging into the API documents and found this;

"AWS errors are XML formatted

Please note that any errors you get at this stage will be coming from AWS directly, and therefore will be formatted as XML, and not’s standard JSON error handling. We generally recommend building retry logic around these uploads for any production usage, as files incompletely-uploaded files (i.e. files with missing chunks) will fail to transcode and display in"

I do not understand how I would get around this. Can someone point me in the right direction?

Thank you

Actually,’s support helped me figure it out.

The issue was that I just needed to statically type “https:” in the source field and dynamically provide the source’s URL. This seemed to have done the trick.