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Video Upload Widget

What do I want help with?

A plugin / widget that allows users to upload new videos (webinars, video podcasts, etc). I’m guessing this will likely require Javascript and HTML5 skills.

If there is an appropriate open source Github project that can be repurposed, I’m open to it as long as it contains most of the features below


  • Drag and drop files (local computer)
  • Click to browse (local computer)
  • Be able to upload directly from browser to Cloudinary (without storing on Bubble or other server)
  • Progress bar showing upload progress
  • Ability to cancel/abort upload
  • Ability to detect video duration BEFORE uploading
  • Integrations
    • Google Drive
    • Dropbox
    • YouTube (not required, but desirable)


  • File format: .mp4
  • Max file size: 2 GB
  • Max duration/length: [Bubble dynamic field - “Current User’s minutes-remaining”]
  • Max number of files: 1

Pre-Batch Validation

Run any validation on the file in the upload queue before the file is uploaded to our Cloudinary account.

  • Video format detection
  • Video duration / length (
  • Video file size
  • If fails:
    • UX
      • Notification - Currently, our video length for the free plan is limited to 60 minutes max. If you would like to upload a longer video you can upgrade your plan.
      • [Upload another video]
      • [Upgrade]
  • Events (Bubble workflow events)
    • Start event (fired when upload is started either from drag/drop or browse for file/click event)
    • Progress event - status of current upload
    • Complete event - upload is complete
    • Stop/abort event - when a user cancels an upload by clicking a button
    • Error event
      • Max file size = file size is too large
      • Max number of files = >1 file
      • Video duration = video is longer than “Current User’s minutes-remaining”
      • File type = can only be mp4


Please DM me if you think you can help and are interested!

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