View a selection of photos when user clicked

Hello! I am very new to this program however I have been following various tutorials and I can’t seem to figure out how I can do this.

What I would like to do is for, when a user clicks another users profile, it shows a collection of photos (which the clicked user had uploaded), where you can cycle through the photo, 1 by 1. This is basically like Snapchat/Instagram/Facebook stories. I have already tried this with the use of groups, so when the profile is clicked, it disappears and selects another group, however it is not giving me the option to select the current cells users photos. Any help is greatly appreciated! :blush: Thanks!

Hi krazitoast,
I just created a video on this on my youtube channel, to make instagram like stories.
Hope this helps you.
Pm me if you have any questions.
Best regards

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Brilliant video! @TipLister I’ve left a comment

As a few people have asked, here a video on how to create self-deleting stories that automatically delete like Whatsapp or Instagram Stories: