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View and change name of states

Probably and old one, but…

When polishing an APP after initial minimal development (and changing language of some of the things left in a local language or vice versa), I find it cumbersome to delete and make new states for elements. Also, getting an overview of the states in an app, would be a quick way to see what data goes where.

I would really like to see a small box with a list, or even better, displaying states next to elements in the elements tree (toggling the list on and off, just like the hidden elements tick box).

Small but really useful feature, with minimal impact on the UI.


This would be an awesome UI update – Especially now that with the new responsive engine, I have twice as many elements on my page now (due to all the layout groups I now have to place) – My states are getting lost.

If you haven’t already, create an Ideaboard for this and then link it here so we can vote on it.

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It is a pickle.

For now … to avoid searching for them, I place them in one single location per page or reusable.


I do the same thing. +1


Added to the idea board, but doesn’t seem that linking TO ideas are implemented. So far a manual search can do the trick… Its titled “View and change name of states