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View data entries on unique page using an item_id in the URL

Building a simple CRUD application for external use, MVP for a business idea.

So let’s say I have data like:

item_id          title          author

jAg7AcZ          Thor Movie      John Z
kaf55F5          Something       Karly E

I’d like to view individual entry on a separate/unique page with the URL using the entry’s id in the URL as in:{ item_id }

How would I be able to do this with Bubble? Thanks in advance!

So you have your index page.
On it you have a place where you can select one entry out of many.
This could be a repeating group using “Do a search for” entries or a dropdown like that.

Then you have a button that if clicked uses the workflow “Go to page” “Collections”, where collections is a page you created, whose content type is “Entry”:

That means it expects an entry and so url will be

If you want to change how the part after /collection/ looks you can modify every entry in the database using “edit a things slug” for the slug to always be the entries title or itemid or anything.

If you generally still want to learn about CRUD on Bubble check out Bubble Basics: Editing & Displaying Joined Data 5/5 - YouTube and for URL check Bubble Basics: 1 of 4: Sending Data via URL - YouTube

Hello. Did you solve this problem?