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Hello Bubblers!

I have two data types.

1st data type: Item
Fields: Item name (Text), Description (Item Description)

2nd data type: Item Description
Fields: Item Description (Text)

What I want to happen: When a user clicks on a group that only displays the item name, a new tab will open and it will display the Item name and description.

My problem: I have a repeating group that displays the items name and when clicked, it opens a new tab with the item name but the item description does not pop up. I have selected for data to send “current cells Item” but cant seem to display the description.

How do I make it so that a the Item name and description are visible on the new tab?

Also, I have separated the item name from the description as the descriptions are really long and will slow down my app as a lot of item names are displayed in the repeating group.

Any help would be appreciated!


That’s because you are sending current cell’s Item thing. You need to compose additional dynamic expression in your tab to find Item Description where Item = item you’ve sent to the tab.

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thanks for your comment but I still cannot get it to work. Here are some screen shots for clarification:


Index page:

Page 2 (Where I can view the item name and description)

I cannot see the current page item’s item description description. (Selected textbox on last image)

Any ideas on why this is?


Are you sure you don’t forget to add newly created Description (step #2) to your previously (in step #1) created Item?

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When I try to add the item description it does not let me select the input item description as it says it is an incompatible type as shown in the picture.

Thank you

You can’t add item description in step #1 because you are creating it only in step #2. So you need to add step #3 (modify result of step #1 and add item description) or change steps order - create item description at first and item in step #2 (item description = result of step #1).

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I still can’t get it to work unfortunately,

would you happen to have/know of, any video tutorials on how this can be done?


Something like this:

Or this (adding step #3 to add item description created in step #2 into item created is step #1):

P.S. Second option is more expensive in WU consumption.

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Thank you so much! It works fine now, I really appreciate your help!!!

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