View historical order’s products

Can some please help me
I trying to solve this issue from last few weeks
I have tried everything I could think of still not about to solve this issue

I have recorded my screen on Loom to show you what I am facing. can some please look into this any help will be much appreciated

I really appreciate your time

Instead of searching for orders on your repeating group, do a search for item charts and set the constrain to orders = this order I’d.

Thanks @mmahirf

I have tried your suggested but no luck

Can you think of anything else I might be doing wrong

Are you going from a list of ‘Order’s and trying to find an itemChart with those items from the order? You need to link the item Chart from the Order’s thing in your database so you can do a search for itemChart = this cells’ order’s itemChart

@cocomongol4 as @taylor1 said above. Link the order within the itemchart and do as I said.

Thanks @mmahirf @taylor1

Would it be possible for you to kindly explain how I can go about contacting these two data types? I would greatly appreciate your guidance on this matter.

Thank you very much for your time and assistance.

On your item datatype create a new field called “linked order” and set it to type of order. Then when you create an order make sure you add these items to that order.

Then on your do a search for items, constrain it by the order id.

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Thanks @mmahirf

I have done this as you said

But now when I try to add a constrain
“Itemchart order = this group id

I cannot find “this group Id” from order data type

When you click on the order id on the sales order page. Take the order id value from there.

Thanks mate @mmahirf I really appreciate your time

I have use custom state and it worked

Thanks again

Good to know!

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