Viewing Converted Base64 File

Hey guys,

Looking for some ideas on how to get this working correctly. I am currently using an API for Docusign in this example specifically to view documents in a Docusign Room. The file comes over encoded in Base64. I’ve successfully converted it using the Bubble Back End Utilities plugin function “write from Base 64”.

Everything works but I’m hitting an issue with how my native app is viewing it. The two ways I’ve tried:

  1. Opening an external website from the workflow → destination is result of step 1 (write from base64)'s saved file. This method opens the file but leaves me on a page that I cannot navigate back to my app.

  1. Save the file to use with the link element so that it can open a new tab but this results in an error message from aws saying access denied.

Any guidance on this? Thanks in advance.