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Vimeo Plugin Help

I am trying to work with the Vimeo plugin:

As with most plugins, there isn’t a ton of documentation in terms of how to set it up and work with it.

@romanmg, I was hoping you might give some direction since it looks like the plugin was made by you guys.

Could you walk me through the setup of the plugin, plus the process of allowing a user to upload a video and then calling that video? Thanks!

In case other’s are looking for a plugin to solve this - I made a plugin to solve this - I had exactly the same problems with the free Vimeo plugin. The free one is really for a different use case - it’s not for uploading videos to a particular account. Hope you can forgive the self promotion!

I made plenty of videos to help you set up things on the Vimeo side and the Bubble side - see the service website.

Thanks to the great @eman for sponsoring the development :+1: