Virtual Bubble app builder meetup - Thurs March 2nd

I’ll be hosting a virtual meetup for Bubble app builders on Thursday March 2nd.

Meet and learn from your fellow No Code developers and startup founders at our upcoming NoCode Masterminds networking online event!

Limited to 8 participants.

Register here:


This is great, Matt! Reposted this via the Twitter account - hopefully that helps drive attendance.

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@mattblake I’m having trouble signing up. It keeps saying the hCaptcha failed, and I think it’s because there are 2 elements on the page showing at once, but the 2nd doesn’t give me a challenge, so maybe that’s the one that’s “failing”?

This is what I see, and it’s still failing the hCaptcha challenge when trying to register:
Screen Shot 2023-02-28 at 3.46.28 PM

I turned off ad/tracker blocking to see if that was it, but no dice. Still showing 2 and failing.

I can’t get the hCaptcha verification to work either. It’s not letting me register.

There’s two hCaptcha’s and unable to register. FYI. Cool idea