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Virtual Currency Within Bubble

Suppose one wanted to build a Bubble app with an internal unit of account that enables users to transact with one another. Facebook Credits is a pretty good example. Is there any reason to use some sort of private blockchain, other than being able to say you use a blockchain? It seems Bubble is capable of handling such a task, since a credit system is simply based on database entries.

Would it be foolish to attempt to build a virtual currency within a Bubble app, using the Bubble DB? What kind of security risks would that pose?

i think the question is, where would the money come from. like in a blockchain, you need to “mine” for money, right? But if you want on bubble, you can simply make a stripe purhcase for “10 credits”, or when someone creates an account you can init their account with 5 credits, etc.

In my voting app I use points, some actions add to the user account, others “pay” (subtract) to do some actions

So different cryptocurrencies may use various methods of coin generation. At the end of the day, each is simply a unit of account. I like your idea about purchasing credits via Stripe, since that would be fairly straightforward. Of course their 2.9% processing fee is rather large in this instance.

An interesting example of this concept is used by a small company named ITEX. They use an internal unit of account to facilitate a business to business credit exchange.

@csfalcao, interesting. Have a link?

It’s private, but I’ll try to explain the logics:

When a user signs up it receives 8 points (each user has a number field “points”, and on sign up workflow I added “points = 8”)

The when the user tries to vote each one will cost 1 point, so in the voting button I made a if “current user points is => 1” then run the workflow and subtract 1 point (current user’s points - 1)

Users receive points from sharing, posting, being favorited etc.

Sounds interesting. Thanks for sharing.

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