Visibility by Role Type

Hey there, I have a list of Venues, each of which has an associated User as their rep.

I have a repeating group with a list of Venues, but I either want that list to show:

• All Venues if your role type is ‘Admin’ / ‘Super Admin’ (i’ve already set these up in an option set)
• Just your designated venue, if your role is ‘Venue Rep’ (i.e. a list of 1 - yours, no-one else’s)

I am able to achieve the 2nd by using a constraint where venue rep contains current user, but it’s the override of seeing all venues if logged in user is admin / super admin that is foxing me. do I duplicate the group and change the visibility settings?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi there, @emma1… if I understand your post correctly, you could use a conditional on the repeating group to change its data source when a user’s role is Admin or Super Admin. You could also use privacy rules to prohibit reps from seeing any venue other than their own, and I made a quick example that seems to do the trick…

Want to give that a shot and see if it produces the desired result?

Hope this helps.


Well hot diggity damn, @mikeloc ! That’s it! I hadn’t considered there would be a conditional for data source. God I love the simplicity!

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