Visibility conditions failing when joined with "or"

I have an option group with five tab options, and a filter group I only wish to show in three of them.
Or, for two of the tab options—Admin, Projects—I do not want the filter group visible.

For the single cond: Get path from URL is not Admin, I get the expected result (group not visible)
For the single cond: Get path from URL is not Projects, I get the same expected result.

But when I join the conditions with “or”, neither condition works—the filter group is visible.
And if I create two separate conditions, neither condition work

Both conditions work if they are the only condition present.

I don’t understand this behavior. Any assistance is appreciated!

Instead of using ‘or’, use ‘and’. It is simple boolean operators.

Not A and Not B → will hide when it is A or B.
Not A or Not B → hide when it is both A and B (which will never be the use case)

Hope it helps.

Ah, thank you! I thought I was building a single expression when here its about enumerating each condition separately. A bit counterintuitive for me, but now it works.