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Visible element not showing up in Dev

Hi guys - am I doing something wrong? I had a directory app that is working in the live version of bubble. Now, I’ve made some changes to the site and all of a sudden, a key menu is not appearing in the “version-test” part of bubble. “This element is visible” is checked and I’ve compared the elements side-by-side to no avail. When I go to the version-test page, it seems as though the menu is there, but is not rendering, visible, or clickable. Any help here? Happy to elaborate if needed.


Check for that element responsive visibility settings in the responsive tab. Make sure that no hiding rules exist.

Thanks for the reply! I don’t think any hiding rules exist, but if they do, where would I find them?

If it’s helpful, the weirdest part is that the site looks like it’s rendering the element but doing so incorrectly. For example, when I use a smaller screen the responsive UI makes it so that the menu can be collapsed into the left side of the screen using a button that appears at the top. When the menu is expanded, the rest of the screen is greyed out a bit. In the dev version (the part that’s not working), the button to expand and collapse the menu appear correctly and when I try to expand it, the screen greys as expected but no menu appears. Does that make sense/is it helpful?

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