Visitors to my site are logged in as me by default?

I launched my website yesterday and asked two friends to have a look. Both said that when they went to my domain name, they were logged in as me.

I created an admin user for my site (which is me) and I didn’t log out before asking them to check my site out.

What’s happening that allows other people to be logged in as me?

This is strange…
They see your picture? Name?
How did you made your sign in form?
Can you share an image of your front and from your workflow as well??

Yes, they see my name and picture, they are literally logged in as me! My header has a button for LOGIN and SIGNUP. Each button shows a popup with the appropriate form.

The Login Popup workflow looks like this:

The first action ‘Log the user in’ is set up like this;


Do you think the “Stay logged in” should be set to ‘No’?

It probably just looks like that while being another issue, do you have a link to the app or editor?

No. This is not the root of your problem…

I agree. Something else is causing this behavior…

Here’s a link to view app Backup-1d | Bubble Editor

It seems an odd issue because I don’t find anyone else who has the same issue on the forum.

I’m not seeing that behaviour. When I open the app I’m not logged in - so it’s working as expected for me.

Is there anything else they’re doing to experience this behaviour?

Have you been able to replicated it yourself?

Thanks for checking from your end. I sent the link to my main domain to two friends who both were logged in automatically. Could you please check my main URL

Nope, not logged in…

Had you, or them, ever logged into the app on their computers before?

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That is so strange! No, neither of them had ever logged into the app but they both were instantly in my logged in account. Hmmm? I will ask them to check again. Thank you for testing this.

Update: My friend just sent a screen shot and he is logged in as me, but the photo is not my photo! This is bonkers! One thing I have realised is that both my friends used their mobile to login, perhaps it’s a mobile view issue.

Now, my other friend logged in on his mobile and he is not logged in, so perhaps this was a very odd anomaly which I can ignore. I will ask a few more people and if they say it works then I will assume all is ok.

Not logged as you as well :call_me_hand:


I know that sounds scary. I don’t think they are really logged in as you though. So don’t worry.

Is this what they are seeing? Is this why they think they are logged in as you?

Also it says events I’ve created and there is an item already there too.

I think you are probably just setting thing up incorrectly in the repeating group and inputs.

Your placeholder is a search for users first item. So that is showing your name.

The placeholder should just be First Name typed in and the other input placeholder should just be Last Name.

I think that’s the issue.

Hope that helps! :blush:


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Thank you!

Thanks, I’ve corrected this. I am not actually sure where my friends saw my name, you may be correct that it was the “settings” page. Could you please check now I have corrected that issue?

How is this possible? I have posted one event, but why does it say that you have posted the event? The code for the counter is below:

As you see, it should only show a new event posted if you are the user who posted the event.

Ah, you’ve made me realise that I had not hidden mobile view links when user logged out. I’ve corrected this now so at least non logged in users will not be able to navigate to the settings page.

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Good job! :clap: Looks like you figured it out. Anything else that you are still unclear about? :blush:

I am sure there will be! I’m away this weekend and have asked a couple people to test things out so I am sure I will return with a list of things which don’t work :sweat_smile: . I appreciate any input/feedback, especially from Bubblers as you guys know what is possible!

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Sounds good! Have a great weekend. Enjoy. :blush: