Visualisation in bubble

Dear all

Since a while I’m playing with the idea of visualising academic publications. As I only know the basics of coding, I’m intrigued by bubble’s offering. However, before I start investing time into my project I wanted to ask you if I will be able to create my vision with bubble. I read through a lot of the documentation and it seems like I will be able to do most of what I imagine, apart from the visualization which I’m not clear about yet. I imagine to visualize the various publications in a directed chart model such as below.

I imagine a search field where one can search for a term (I. E. Innovation) and then the results get visualised in a directed chart with the time of the publication on the x-axis, the relevance (I. E. The search ranking result) on the y-axis, the size of the bubbles in the chart as the importance of the publication (I. E. number of publications that refer to the paper) and lines in between the bubbles show the cross referencing between the papers.

As a second step I would like the user to be able to click a bubble which changes the chart to show only the direct references to that specific paper and arrows indicating the direction of the reference.

I’m aware of the amount of data and will thus only focus on a small geografic region.

Would such a thing be possible to build with bubble? And if yes, how could I approach it?

Thanks in advance for your support.