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Visualize Layers : Back and Front

Be able to visualized what position layers are related to each other, inside group and RG also.

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Hail ZOrder! :slight_smile:

@DaveA lol

I love this idea but I’m not sure how it’d be visualized.

Right now, I set background colors and opacity to organize my z order.

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in fact, I didn’t catch the Dave ZOrder. What you mean by z order? For me, it’s still very hard to know and organize.

It wasn’t a joke!

ZOrder is a method of layering or ordering components/elements on top of each other. It is used widely in the software industry in many systems.

In some development environments you can explicity set the order things are stacked on top of on another by setting the ZOrder value. Typically you would design your environment, then check the Zorder of components are as expected. As you were showing and hiding elements, you would force a Zorder to 0 to ensure it was at top and visible.

The other ordering thing you can sometimes set was TabOrder, and this would be the order the elements would be focused on with each tab press. so it didn’t necessarily have to be left to right / top to bottom, it could be any order.

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haha Dave, thanks :slight_smile:

Looking at your screenshot at top, I think you need some more grouping and nesting.

Here is my current busiest page;

I am thinking of taking some parts out and breaking them into separate pages or popups just to simplify the management of it all when it comes to changes.

True, I’m not using that much the Only show hideable (not selected). Thanks, we revised that.
Z order, I was thinking about the apocalypse Zombie movie thing :wink: