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VLOOKUP for client information


Anyone would know how to make a vlookup based on a VAT ID of companies. For example, let´s say we have a database of companies with their information.

So a user wants to create a new client in our app and for that he first introduces the VAT ID on a field and then as this data is already on other table, all the information on the rest of the fields on the “create client” form is prepopulated with the information that is already in the other table.

You can guess that with this, registering new clients is really fast.

Thanks guys.

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Is the other database in Bubble or an external database?

If it is internal, then have a look at the “Search Box” (aka AutoCompleteDropdown).

If you have a list of Companies (instead of Fruit) you can do a search for VAT No in “Field to search” (instead of name).

That will return a Company thing, that you can use to populate whatever you like so … AutocompletDropdown’s Company.

Craig, it would be internal yes.

Nigel, thanks for your reply. I don´t really understand that so I´m going to explain myself better with an example.

Let´s say you have a table with all the clients data that´s been shared with users but users cannot really see this data anywhere. So when creating a new client, they will have a text box to enter VAT No and if that VAT No is found on the “clients information” table, it will return all the data related to that VAT No.

What we want to achieve with that is to have like a shared table so when users create a new client they don´t really have to enter manually all the data if it´s found on the shared table because all the fields will be auto populated with the information of the shared table. But they will also be able to modify it just by themselves.

Does that make sense?

Thanks a lot guys.


What about using the “initial content” feature? I´ve tried but as a newbie I cannot get it to work maybe someone would know how.

Anyone would know if you can display the initial content based on a field that has already been populated? So the initial content will check on another table (inside bubble) and if it finds the information it populates as the initial information.

¿Will it be possible? I´ve tried but did not achieve anything.

Are you sharing your app/database? I’d be happy to check it out.

Sure craig,

This is the app itself:

Thanks a lot for your time.

I just set up a page on your app called demo

Use 123456 and 654321 as the sample VAT numbers.

If you take a look at the databases and workflows, etc. It should help you get the hang of it.


Craig it works! Really nice what you´ve done.

I really appreciate it Craig.

Thanks a lot.


Can you please share how this was done??