VLOOKUP on Bubble (processing data)

Dear Fellow Bubblers,

I am looking for the right way to process and then export my data. I have a tool that creates new records in the system. To conserve speed, I have limited the tool to create minimal number of columns and then I planned to get the other columns by joining tables.

For example, I have an attendance report submitted by a teacher. The attendance report record includes the following:
Student ID
Student Status
User Email (in this case it’s the teacher)

The final report should include:
Student Name
Student Grade
Student Class
Which all can be taken from the Student data type by using the student ESIS.

Currently, I am manually exporting the Attendance Report data and on excel I do a VLOOKUP to add the required info. I have been able to integrate the data to be processed on Parabola online tool, but I don’t want to pay for other tools to process the data.

Is there a way where I can make a button called “Export Report” in Bubble, which would basically add columns from the student data to the attendance report before exporting (do the VLOOKUP for me)?

I hope I made myself clear. :slight_smile: Thanks for your support!